Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Uniquely Yours Retreat

 Well, I think I have sufficiently recovered from the Uniquely Yours Retreat at the Palouse Divide Lodge to tell you a little about it. It was sponsored by my friend, Dawn and it was FABULOUS! Great job, Dawn! She is planning another one in early Spring and I am planning to attend. I was working on Christmas cards and got the fronts all finished, but still need to finish the insides.

Such a great weekend and we didn't have to cook! We were provided a beautiful breakfast and dinner each day of the retreat! Lunch was on our own, but everyone brought snacks to share with the group, so I don't think anyone missed 'lunch'.

The sign in the front of the Lodge

The front door

Dawn and Lisa crafting away

Some of the ladies crafting

More ladies crafting

Some of Dawn's beautiful creations

The Lodge at night

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  1. Looks so fun and relaxing Jeri! So glad you had a good time - such a beautiful lodge too!