Sunday, August 11, 2013

Last of the Swaps from Convention

This is FINALLY the last of my Convention Swaps. I'm sure glad I didn't take more than 75! This could have taken the rest of the month!

These were the only Christmas cards that I received. I think because there were no Christmas stamps in the Annual Catalog.
L to R: Ann Nescot, Gail White
 These were the 3 3-d items I received. The left one is a clothes pin with a magnet on the back, the middle one is a pin (the flower can be removed and clipped onto anything. The right one is a small bottle with candies in it.
L to R: Unknown, Leigh Nice, Unknown
 These are some 'odd' sized cards I received.

L to R: Adele Yin, Donna Eckhart, Christy, Unknown
This is a beautiful picture frame. It even has an easel back~
Loty Castro
 This is an AWESOME card that my down line received in an organized swap. I fell in love with it, so she 'gifted' it to me. Thanks, Diane. It was all done with My Digital Studio (except for the bling!)

Alana Jean-Louis
Thanks for stopping by and for looking at all my beautiful swaps from convention. If you'd like to join my team and go with me next year and get your own 'stash' of beautiful cards, let me know.

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