Saturday, August 10, 2013

Convention Swaps - Part Four

I'm going to try to include all the rest of the cards I received in this post. Then there will be one more with some 3-d type items and some 'specialty' cards that  I received.
Top to Bottom: Liz Thayer, Lesa Brzeski, Cecilita Hipskind

Top to Bottom: Penny Geiger, Sharon Merritt, Lyn Tumell

Top to Bottom: Michelle Alexander, Patty Bennett, Kelly Acheson

Top to Bottom: Peggy Harmes, Kathy Gage, Carol Slack

Top to Bottom: Roberta Smith, Shallon Vickers, Jan Hoyt

Top to Bottom: Laura Howell, Sandy Fowler, Denise Donald

Check back tomorrow for the last of the Convention swaps. Thanks for stopping by today.

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