Friday, November 11, 2011

New Home Progress

Hubby and I just returned from checking on the progress of our new home. These are the pictures that I was able to get. Didn't get any interior pics as they were working on the inside.

 This is the front entrance of our new home. The  beams make it look much larger than it really is, but it's going to be truly beautiful once the deck is installed!
 This is the stone on the chimney. Our fireplace is huge and will be covered with this stone as well. It will have a raised hearth and I can't wait to see it completed.

This is a picture of what our fireplace mantle will look like. The stone in this picture is the same stone that will be on our fireplace.
This is the two car garage. Behind is a one car garage that will be hubby's shop. The windows above the garage are the game room.

Thanks for stopping by today and for all your good wishes on our new journey!

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  1. Jeri - It looks amazing!!
    Happy 6th SU anniversary!