Friday, January 22, 2010

Need More Tutoring!

Well, obviously, I need more 'tutoring' in how to add pics with titles. These didn't come out very well....but, you got to see the pics. I'll work on the placement of titles in the future. Thanks for looking!

Valentine's Swaps

At our January meeting we 'swapped' Valentine's cards. Here are the cards that were 'swapped':

Pat's Card                                 Diane's Card                                      Shelly's Card

Denise's Card                                                                          Annette's Card


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

The members of the CYRious Stampers surprised me at our monthly meeting this month! We met at a local restaurant and they surprised me with wonderful gifts and beautiful cards.

As you can see....I was a bit surprised and not exactly looking for this fun little surprise! (Not one of my best pictures!)

What follows are pics of the birthday cards that the girls made for me. Each one is beautiful and shows the different styles that we all have.

This is Shelly's card                                                              This is Pat's card

This is Diane's card                                                               This is Denise's card